My name is Will Fancher and I’m writing a song a week for the next year.

This is something I have never attempted before. While I’ve spent most of my life steeped in music of one form or another, songwriting is a discipline that I have shied away from, for various reasons that will be further explored over the coming weeks. Put simply, songwriting intimidates me, and I’ve resolved myself to spend the next year in immersion therapy.

Like any good song, this idea is completely stolen–specifically, from Nashville cat Sam Ward, whom I used to run around with back in the day, in the ne’er-do-well Memphis rock outfit d/f/w. He didn’t invent the thing, either.

So here goes. Every Tuesday, starting November 5, I upload a new song–not because the song is ready, but because it’s Tuesday. The songs will be on video shot on my iPhone, with me playing live on guitar, piano, harmonica, what-have-you, and singing. Think of them as demos.

There is a very good chance that neither the songs nor their recording will be any good at all. In fact, I can pretty well guarantee that a fair percentage will be pure shit. But not all of them. And my hope is that you will stick with the bad ones, understanding that it’s all a process for the good ones, which will (fingers crossed) eventually outpace the bad ones.

Or I will crack under the pressure of this undertaking and physically/mentally/spiritually fall apart. This will either be my ultimate artistic manifesto, like Apocalypse Now, or a startling account of my shortcomings and hubristic delusions…like Apocalypse Now.

But wait, there’s more!

The Home Page will have every week’s video, commentary on the week’s featured song, plus any news from the world of songwriting, entertainment, or my own tiny personal orbit.

The Year Page lays out the rules for the project–not just the weekly deadline, but some of the additional (self-imposed) conditions, caveats, and quirks.

The Features and Stuff Page is dedicated to my thoughts and experiences with this project, as well as guest commentary from local and well-known musicians as the year moves forward.

The Give Me Money Page is where you give me money, if so inclined.

And finally, “The Questionnaire!” where people answer questions, hopefully for your interest and amusement. As a show of good faith, I will answer “The Questionnaire!” myself first, with more interesting people to come.

The first song drops November 5. Get ready, get set.


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