Week Eight: “Joseph A.D.”

What child is this
screaming and purple
swaddled in a robe that
I pulled from my back

There are men on the road
advancing upon us
like well-dressed commandos
poised to attack

They come bearing gifts
that nobody asked for
and make themselves at home
This kid’s got a drum
oh no

And they tell me about
the distance they traveled
as if I gave a shit
about where they come from

And Mary’s too tired
and polite to say nothing
She smiles at the drummer
and gives him a clap
But night rages on
and these people won’t get out
I’m done dropping hints
and finally I snap

And I say
Jesus Christ!
cut out that drumming
Jesus Christ!
We’re trying to sleep
Jesus Christ!
I’ll throw a camel at you
if any of you bastards
makes another goddamn peep

Is this how it’s gonna
be now, I wonder
Guests in our own lives
with no time to rest

For a moment I think
of bolting out at daybreak
but that thought just gives me
a pain in my chest

Cause if that’s the case
then they need me even more
to lock the front door
when the pilgrims won’t scram
And if this night lives on for
one thousand years
they’ll remember the baby
and forget about the man
The man who said–

[chorus 2x]


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