Week Thirty-Six: “Tumble”


I climbed up too high
I took a tumble
and hit every branch on the way
And who knows what I
was trying to find
but I was back climbing
the very next day

I wove me a rope
to climb with
And I built me some wings
to soar on
But the rope came unwound
And the wings came unglued
And I fell back on down
to earth like a moron

It’s madness to expect
something different to happen
and foolish to expect
something at all
But look at me climbing
like a wind-up gorilla
daring the whole world
to laugh when I fall

I’m weary from pain and misfortune
I swear not to head for that tree
But then I look in your eyes
They’re broke just like mine
And I ask would you care
to tumble with me

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