Year Three, Week Thirty-Five: “She’s Wearing Your Dress”


Well I was holed up in some honky tonk
trying to drink you away
I spent all night and it was looking like
I was gonna spend all day

I drank Kentucky out of whiskey
I drank London out of gin
With another sip, I’ll be seeing triple
and that’s when you walked in

But my eyes they did deceive me
You’re far from here, I guess
It wasn’t you I saw, but oh my god
She’s wearing your dress

Now you know the one I’m talking about
So thin and so soft
Remember all the times you’d put it on
and all the times I’d take it off

You could wear it out to Sunday
You could wear it to a ball
But I don’t know where you wear it now
and that hurts most of all

She’s the finest woman in here
But I must confess
That I’m only watching her because
she’s wearing your dress

I don’t know why you
can’t leave me alone
You’re gone away but every thought of you
hurts like a stone

She sat down next to me and said
I’ve been watching you watching me
Even now you’re staring at what I’m wearing
Do you not like what you see?

I mumbled my apology
You look damn good in that dress
And you seem sweet, but you can’t compete
With the one who wore it best

Well you can’t make love to memories
Life’s such an awful mess
And I can’t replace you even when
She’s wearing your dress
And I can’t replace you even when
She’s wearing your dress

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